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"See our video on the home page for instructions on installation".

Due to the Coronavirus We are unable to recieve the supplies we require to make the Retrolazysusy's and will be closed until Further Notice. Please stay safe and Thankyou for your patience

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Installs in minutes and no tools required. Comes in 3 pieces and Simply sits on your existing shelf. Check out the installation video on our Home page.

 Our Best Retro Lazy Susan  is a standard 19.5 inch diameter and is 1&1/8th inch in height.This fits all standard 8-12 inch deep corner cabinets that have a 10-14 inch door opening.

It is made of a solid Maple laminated plywood with a maple ring  finished in a 3 coat polycrylic high gloss finish.
Available for $49.95 


Check out our other sizes and Models Below.

If you require a Custom size,or have any Questions
Please let us know either by email or at 516-945-9201




Our Best Seller is the same Retro Lazy Susan with Masonite Panel Board with a panel board top and edge. It can be used as is or you can paint or clear coat it as you would like. This finish is smooth and very practical for cabinet use. 
Available in Full Round or D Shaped

Masonite Panel  Full Round
   19.5 Inch Diameter 


 D-Shape Masonite Panel     19.5 Inch Diameter 


Masonite D Shaped Panel Finish   22 Inch Diameter 


Lower Cabinet Lazy Susan

We now offer a Retrofitting Lazy Susan for those Lower cabinet's.
 Made of Laminated MDF with Masonite panel board coating it is the perfect solution to those problem corner cabinets. It comes in a standard 30 inch diameter in a pie cut , or kidney style. It comes with everything you need to retrofit your cabinet including an adapter base for the Second Shelf.
Simple instructions and installs in minutes on your existing shelves.

Base Cabinet Lazy Susan Masonite Panel Finish 30 inch diameter


 Base Cabinet Lazy Susan Maple Finish  30 inch diameter Pie Cut